Topic: Businesses are shifting to a service-oriented IT model, fueled by the cloud, to meet demands for faster innovation, effectively requiring a Digital Transformation. However, several challenges need to be addressed – increasingly complex environments and siloes, cybersecurity threats becoming more sophisticated every day, and the need to maintain application SLAs for existing mission-critical apps and modern cloud-native apps, to name a few. In order for IT to move faster and innovate more rapidly, new game changing tools and technologies are required.

In this session, learn how the new capabilities in vSphere with Operations Management 6.5 enable IT to operate data centers much more efficiently, running on the next-gen infrastructure platform that is powerful, flexible, secure and supports all existing and next-gen apps, both on-premises and in the cloud; and empower IT to virtualize all applications with confidence, easily and quickly diagnose and solve problems, optimize and reclaim capacity, and gain tremendous efficiencies in the data center.

Speakers: Himanshu Singh, VMware  Martin Yip, VMware

Wednesday March 8
12-1 PM (CST)

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