Abstract: LogicMonitor will start off the presentation with a 10-15 minute overview of our platform. Our agentless SaaS offering is unique in the monitoring space, we’ll explain how this works and the benefits of this approach over traditional/legacy monitoring solutions. The LogicMonitor architecture enables rapid deployments with minimal user interaction, while still providing a wealth of customization and flexibility for those that need it.

We’ll then spend 10-15 minutes discussing LogicMonitor’s VMware-specific instrumentation, how it works, what’s unique about it. Once the basics are covered, we’ll hand off presentation to a LogicMonitor customer. They’ll talk about their business, how VMware helps them meet their objectives, and how LogicMonitor improves their VMware practice.

LogicMonitor will continue the conversation for another 10-15 minutes by explaining some of our newer features and how they apply to a VMware environment (Instance Properties, LM Config™, Alert Forecasting, etc). Then we’ll dive deeper to showcase the breadth of coverage provided by our LogicModules, explaining how comprehensive monitoring — inclusive of server hardware (IPMI, Dell DRAC), storage systems (EMC/NetApp/HP/Dell/Pure/Nimble/etc.),networkingdevices (Cisco/Juniper/PaloAlto/etc.), ancillary services (Veeam), and the VMs themselves — provide complete visibility. We’ll use this background to demonstrate real-life use cases where LogicMonitor can facilitate root cause analysis and considerably reduce mean-time-to-repair.

Date: Thursday, April 06, 2017

Time: 12:00 PM Central Daylight Time

Duration: 1 hour

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